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For Business Users

Agility For Business Users

Quickly build beautiful visualizations with just a few clicks. Combine data sources and get the big picture and granular details together. Visualize large volumes of data without having to sacrifice performance. Maximize data knowledge and drive immediate outcomes.

For the IT Department

Agility For the IT Department

Leverage any data – big and small. Govern and administer data, visualizations, and users by leveraging your existing analytics infrastructure. Securely scale data discovery to your entire organization, today.


SAP Lumira is wherever you need it

SAP Lumira Desktop icon

SAP Lumira Desktop

Unlock the full potential of your data with stunning, interactive visualizations. Build engaging stories and infographics that can be shared throughout the organization via SAP Lumira Server or SAP Lumira Cloud.

SAP Lumira Server icon

SAP Lumira Server

Deliver the agility to tap into the power of data wanted by the business alongside the trust and scale required by your IT governance. Explore data of any size using the latest visualization technologies and gain insights in real time.

SAP Lumira Cloud icon

SAP Lumira Cloud

Get started in seconds with SAP Lumira Cloud and scale as you grow. Leverage the speed and flexibility of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to securely share data sets and visualizations inside and outside your organization.

Daimler customer video

Being in IT for many years, I’ve seen Lumira as a benefit for IT professionals as well for the business. It is a phenomenal tool. It crunches large volumes of data, I have not seen anything like it.

Grupo Merza

Grupo Merza Testimonial

[Lumira] definitely has transformed the way we use data allowing the end user to spend more time [focusing] on positive or negative points and finding answers faster.

King Fisher customer video

King Fisher logo

SAP Lumira allows Kingfisher to empowers their analysts and information workers to produce new insights within a matter of hours opposed to days or weeks.

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