Whether it’s data connection issues or challenges building the perfect visualization, our Lumira Experts are ready to help, free of charge.

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You do not need to be data scientist, a web designer or a presentation expert. You can learn to use SAP Lumira Discovery with our video series and our demo data set in less then an hour.

A powerful solution for your PC

SAP Lumira Discovery is an on-premise software solution that you can download and install directly on your PC and start exploring your data right away.

3 minutes overviewWhy use Lumira


Creating visualizations with Lumira is easy. First, select a data set you would like to import.

You can import data from over 40 sources.


Second, enrich your data by choosing a hierarchy.

Create date and geographic hierarchies.


Third, choose a graph type to visualize the data.

Pick from a list of 27 visualization types.


Finally, share your story with your audience.

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Learn how to import your first data source in SAP Lumira
Learn how to enrich your data in SAP Lumira
Learn how to choose the best visualization type for your data in SAP Lumira
Learn how to share your data with your audience in SAP Lumira


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